Dog Behaviour Consultant


My pack walk at the DPC with Cesar Millan - The Dog Whisperer.


I just LOVE dogs of every shape, size & demeanour. Unfortunately, although dog owners also love their dogs, they often find that they’re not quite so fond of some of their dog's behaviour – some of it can even be quite frightening at times. Problems such as aggression, jumping-up, lead-pulling & what even appears to be just plain “madness” are all too often preventing dog owners from having a relaxed & happy life with their pet. What some people don’t realise is that this could well mean that the dog is not really happy either, & addressing the issues can make for a much happier life for the whole household.
What I can help you to do is to understand why your dog does what it does & what it may be trying to convey to you; whilst also enabling the dog to understand exactly what you want from them. A common mistake is relying too much on a dog to understand your spoken word, without recognising that this is simply not the way that dogs communicate. In my own experience, a positive two-way communication with your dog can lead to a much closer bond as well as a much less troublesome existence for all the family.
You may be asking yourself "Why do I need assistance from a professional?" It's true that there are many TV shows, books, websites & DVDs available to help you to deal with your dog's behaviour; but what they are unable help you to do is to accurately assess your individual dog's needs. In order to practise behaviour therapy effectively, a sound understanding of canine communication & underlying psychological theory is essential. This is why some TV shows will advise "Do not attempt these techniques without consulting a professional".
It is now known that as many as 40% of dog owners experience difficulties with their dogs & increasing numbers are seeking help in the form of behaviour therapy. Canine behaviour therapy attempts to modify the dog’s behaviour using tried & tested psychological principles for the benefit of both the dog and the owner.


First Visit - The Assessment.
I will visit you at your home for a 1-2 hour consultation to find out more about the problems you are encountering & to assess your dog's behaviour & the underlying causes.
The written "Action Programme" Booklet.
Once I have assessed the issues from the points of view of both dog & owner; I can create an optional written Action Programme for you to keep. The Programme will be tailor-made for you to follow to help your dog - using a careful blend of psychology & natural canine communication with some additional basic dog-training as required.
1:1 Assistance By the Hour.
Every dog & every case is different & so I always strive to tailor the tuition to meet your specific needs. I have therefore decided to work & charge by the hour to enable you to receive as little or as much assistance as you require. This work will involve a balanced mix of "hands-on" practical work & verbal tuition & assistance with regard to how to use your written Action Programme.
In most cases I will visit you a few times leaving you with some "home work" to work on between sessions. In some cases however, a single visit is enough - how you choose to work with me is up to you.
The sessions will be carried out at your home or at specific locations appropriate to the problem - e.g. at the dog-park etc.
As you work with your Programme, you will be welcome to telephone or e-mail me with any further questions that may arise.
Progress Assessment.
Canine communication & psychology can be a complex subject, & your Programme will be simplified to make it concise & easy to follow. 
For this reason it is beneficial for me to carry out a short Progress Assessment a couple of months or so after our last session together. This will enable me to re-assess your dog's behaviour, to check on your progress with the Programme & to carry out any "fine-tuning" that may be required. This will ensure that both you &  your dog are comfortable with the way things are progressing & that you are getting the best possible results from working with me.
 I teach methods that anyone can learn, & there is no pain or suffering involved for the dog. 

As a student of Cesar Millan I work very much "Cesar's Way" - if this is for you, then give me a call.  
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