Dogs & Children
Safety Advice as Part of Your Action Programme
Every family needs a dog!
Many people (such as myself!) believe that a family is simply not complete without a dog; but for some unfortunate families a lack of understanding of the dynamics of the ideal relationship with "The Wolf in Your Living Room" 
can lead to disastrous results.
Items in the news in early 2010 stated:
"NHS statistics show the number attending A&E after a dog attack has risen by more than 40% in the last four years to nearly 3,800 a year."
"Statistics show that most serious dog bites involve children under 5 years of age and dogs that are actually known to them - such as the family pet or a neighbour's dog."
Dogs & children - make sure they are happy together using dog behaviour techniques.

It is a terrible shame when simple misunderstandings & lack of communication can lead to such a dreadful outcome. Not only are the poor children left injured & frightened, but the dogs are also badly misjudged & in many cases sadly euthanised as a result.


It is true that there are many similarities between our natural lifestyle & values & that of the canine - these are the things that first brought us together all those years ago; but there are also some equally extremely significant differences too - & this is why these dreadful misunderstandings can sometimes occur.
DADDY - right hand dog to Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer.Some dog breeds have even been classified in the UK as "dangerous", when in actual fact the issues are mostly down to how the individual dogs have been raised & how they are treated - regardless of breed. A cuddly Labrador is equally as capable of inflicting an injury as a Pitbull is of being a calm & gentle-natured member of the family. (Anyone who has seen earlier episodes of the TV programme "The Dog Whisperer" will be familiar with the gentle American Pitbull "Daddy" - pictured above right).
A boy & his dog = perfect!!
Proper education of your children regarding how to behave around dogs, & a good two-way communication with your dog can give your family a much better prospect for you & your children of having a happy & relaxed life with your beloved pet - allowing your children to experience the joy of growing up around animals.
Make sure baby & puppy are safe together.If you have young children in your family or are about to introduce a new baby into the household - or even if your dog comes into contact with other family or friends' young children on a regular basis; I can provide you with a Programme that includes specifics of understanding & creating a good relationship between the children in your life & your dog, so that misunderstandings can be avoided.
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