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Many people are now seeking a more comfortable boarding arrangement for their dogs than the standard boarding-kennels. What I can offer here at Leader of The Pack in Portsmouth is a holiday for your dog, while you have yours.
They will stay with myself, my husband, our young dog & the other guest dogs as a member of the family & we will endeavour to stick to their usual routine as much as possible; ensuring that exercise, cuddles & games are all part of their stay. 

We make every effort to ensure your dog's comfort, safety & happiness in a welcoming environment, ensuring that they mix with other dogs whose company they prefer. We have plenty of additional / alternative food for those that feel a little fussier when away from home, a well-stocked First Aid supply & remedies for ailments such as "holiday tummy". All the dogs have natural air-dried treats to settle them into bed at night & we also provide dog-relaxing music & a constant circulation of DAP & lavender to aid the dogs' sense of peace & tranquillity.
Your dog will need to be friendly & sociable with people & especially with other dogs in order to fit in happily. 
Dog boarding - HAMISH & DRAM
Vaccinations. Your dog should have an up to date annual vaccination record (from your vet). Please note that you will need to leave the vaccination card with us during your dog's stay. I would also strongly recommend  having your dog immunised against kennel cough twice a year; as although my dogs are regularly immunised, it can sometimes be picked up during visits to dog parks. Please also ensure that your dog is up to date with their flea & worm treatments before their holiday.  
Safety. In order to keep your dog safe, I attach one of my own security tags while they are on holiday with me. For insurance purposes, if you wish your dog to be walked off lead, your written consent is required. Your dog will have access to a small secure garden.  
What to bring for your dog. You will need to bring your dog's usual food, any bedding they are familiar with, their lead & their vaccination card. In the case of slightly anxious or nervous dogs, it can help if you also bring an item of clothing that you have worn so that the familiar scent can help them settle in. 

If you have any spare tennis balls that you would be happy to donate, they would also be gratefully received as we get through a lot!!
In case of a problem. In the event of your dog requiring veterinary attention, he/she would be taken to your own vets if practicable or to my own local vets if not. I take emergency contact details from you and would contact you if necessary. Costs would be reclaimed from you on your return. Should any owners fail to collect their dogs, after a period of 7 days they will be deemed to belong to me and steps will be taken to re-home them. 
Dog boarding - Charllie & Dexter just chillin'.
Bookings. Before boarding a dog with me for the first time, you will need to visit me with your dog so that all parties can meet and the dog can familiarise himself/herself with my home & my dog. At this stage I will assess your dog to see if they will be happy in a home-boarding environment. 
Your deposit (non-refundable) secures your dog's place. The 25% deposit is payable at the time of the visit (or on booking if the dog has already boarded with me before.) The balance is payable on the day of arrival. The payment of a deposit confirms acceptance of all terms & conditions as indicated on this website & the agreement form (which you will be required to sign).  
We get extremely busy, so please check on availability
as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
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