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Work with an experienced dog behaviour consultant

Based in Portsmouth, serving Hampshire and the surrounding areas, Leader of the Pack offers tailored training and support for dog owners throughout the local area and beyond. Get in touch to book an initial assessment.

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Get expert help with your beloved pet

Everyone has a different relationship with dogs: I just LOVE dogs of every shape, size and demeanour. Unfortunately, although most dog owners also love their dogs, they often find that they’re not quite so fond of some of their dog's behaviour. Some of it can even be quite frightening at times. Problems such as aggression, jumping-up, lead-pulling and what even appears to be just plain ‘madness’ are all too often preventing dog owners from having a relaxed and happy life with their pet. 

What some people don’t realise is that this could well mean that the dog is not really happy either, and addressing the issues can make for a much happier life for the whole household. What I can help you to do is to understand why your dog does what it does and what it may be trying to convey to you; whilst also enabling the dog to understand exactly what you want from them. A common mistake is relying too much on a dog to understand your spoken word, without recognising that this is simply not the way that dogs communicate.


In my own experience, a positive two-way communication with your dog can lead to a much closer bond as well as a much less troublesome existence for all the family.

A personalised 1-2-1 service

You may be asking yourself "Why do I need assistance from a professional?" It's true that there are many TV shows, books, websites and DVDs available to help you to deal with your dog's behaviour; but what they are unable help you to do is to accurately assess your individual dog's needs. I provide an individual assessment to understand your unique dog-owner relationship, and any areas of concern you have. 

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Where do sessions take place?

I will visit you at your home for a 1 to 2-hour consultation to find out more about the problems you are encountering and to assess your dog's behaviour and the underlying causes. Alternatively, sessions can take place at a pre-agreed location such as a local park or be conducted virtually

Monitoring your progress

Canine communication and training can be a complex subject, and your programme will be simplified to make it concise and easy to follow. If you wish, sessions can be followed up by progress assessments, to see how the training plan is going.

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To arrange a session with a qualified dog behaviour consultant call 023 9282 0001 or 07794 962529

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