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Training a rescue dog? Get tailored support today

Are you adopting a rescue dog or puppy? Based in Portsmouth, serving Hampshire and the surrounding areas, Leader of the Pack is here to help you build all-important bonds and overcome training hurdles.

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Helping dogs and owners to start again

Rescuing a dog in need of a home is a wonderful way to become a dog owner, and there are certainly many dogs out there just waiting for the chance to go home with someone and finally find their special forever home. Taking on a rescue dog can be both extremely rewarding and incredibly challenging. A dog’s history is now always known, so it can be hard to understand how they will behave under certain stimuli, such as busy households, children or other pets. 

In my work I often find that I am called out to help owners with dogs that they have adopted from rescue centres, that have started to show behaviour problems that the owners were not expecting. Indeed, you will often hear the phrase "he's a rescue" when owners are discussing their doggie problems together in the park!


With Leader of the Pack you can enjoy tailored training and support to help you and your new companion connect, understand and overcome any hurdles.

The 3/3/3 rule

A common idea you may hear about is the 3/3/3 rule, which is a general guideline to help your new pet adjust to its new home. It is believed that it takes a dog on average:

•    3 days to decompress
•    3 weeks to learn your home routine
•    3 months to start feeling ‘at home'

This is a general guideline and not a set rule: it is natural for some dogs to adjust sooner, whilst others which may have had difficult or abusive relationships can take much longer to trust you and feel safe. The key thing to remember is to be patient and understanding.

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Leave your feedback

I am keen to help dogs and their owners create lasting bonds. If I have helped you and your pet with any training needs, be sure to review me and Leader of the Pack today on Yell. All comments are welcomed!

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For personalised support when training a rescue dog, be sure to call Leader of the Pack of Portsmouth on 023 9282 0001 or 07794 962529

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