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Young woman training her dog in the winter misty morning

View my current dog training fees

With Leader of the Pack you can enjoy tailored training and coaching sessions for you and your canine companion at an affordable price. I am based in Portsmouth, offering support across Hampshire and the surrounding areas - give me a call today.

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Competitively priced canine training

Leader of the Pack is one of Portsmouth's premier dog training specialists. I have been providing tailored support since 2009 to help owners enjoy a better, stronger relationship with their companions. From supporting those with rescue pets to helping dogs and children live together safely, my sessions provide real-world advice, guidance and top tips. 

Below, you will find my current rates and fees. If you have any questions at all, be sure to get in touch.

Initial assessments

As every dog and every situation is different, I will need to carry out an initial visit to assess your dog's requirements. An initial consultation and assessment usually takes approximately 2 hours and is £65 per hour. In simple cases, the assessment stage may be very short, in which case we can get to work right away!

Sessions for rescue dogs are available, also at £65 per hour.

Dog training
Cropped shot of a husky being trained by his owner in the park

The Action Programme booklet 

Every client can receive an action programme created especially for their own dog's issues if required. This will give you more of the detail and explanation needed regarding how to work with your dog. You will also be able to constantly refer to it as you progress. The action programme booklet costs just £35 and is yours to keep.

1-2-1 and virtual sessions

This will be tailored specifically to address the needs of your individual dog and will include the blend of practical work and verbal tuition that you require. This service is £65 per hour.

I can also provide virtual consultations at a reduced rate of £50 per hour.

Happy man having a video call with someone
Adult woman training her dog to hold up paw in field

Progress assessments

This visit should be carried out a couple of months or so after our last session together. The Progress Assessment will enable me to re-assess your dog's behaviour, to check on your progress with the programme and to carry out any 'fine-tuning' that may be required. 

This follow-up service is £65 per hour.

Dogs and owners lined up at a training class

For more information on my dog training fees, please call me on: 023 9282 0001 or 07794 962529

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